members of the community


Elliot Wenman - Artist, Production, Mixing, Guitar

Archie Henderson - Artist, Keys, Sax

Sophie Grant - Artist, Vocals, Keys

Robert Skipper - Bass

James Allen - Writing, Marketing, Strategy

Alessandro Iannicelli - Drums

Iona Gaskell - Vocals

Al Riley - Consultant Engineer


projects we are involved in


Jazz Emu - Archie henderson

Jazz Emu is Archie Henderson’s solo musical comedy project. Archie writes, produces and mixes all the tracks. He works alongside Hunter Allen, video director at Neuron Hub, to create his videos, the most popular of which is at over 81,000 views.

Hannah Elkins - elliot wenman

Hannah Elkins is an independent singer-songwriter based in London. Elliot regularly writes with Hannah, produces her demos, and is her live and session guitarist. Hannah has done vocal sessions with Abubilla Music.

Elliot and Hannah co-wrote and co-produced Hannah’s first single After The Midnight alongside Niko Battistini. The track has reached over 10,000 Spotify streams without any external help.

Higher ground - sophie grant

Higher Ground is a biweekly jam session at Hackney Arts Club at The Empire Bar, founded and run by Sophie Grant. It's an open space for musicians to improvise, express themselves and collaborate within a new community based in East London.

Gemini Trio - Alessandro Iannicelli

Gemini Trio is a modern Jazz Band unlike any other. Jazz, progressive rock and indie music come together to shape a varied and colorful musical performance.
The trio has performed in theaters and jazz clubs in Milan, and in renowned venues in London, including "Pizza Express Soho", "Kansas Smitty's" and "Hampstead Jazz Club".

Alex drums and writes with the trio.

Joseph Marcus - elliot wenman

Joseph Marcus is an upcoming pop/RnB singer with a distinctly soulful voice who recently released his debut EP Roots. Elliot is Joseph’s live guitarist.