Funny Commercials

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Folks send me their favourite ads all the time.  So made a quick list.  If you get bored, please skip down to 1b, at the end.    And take a little ‘half…Read more

The words ‘Storm’ and ‘Tea Cup’ come to mind…

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Matching fixing in lawn bowls??? Outrage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Global Village Part 1

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So, on our last jaunt down to Casa Abubilla, we neglected to transfer one of the tunes onto our transfer drives. The reasons for this are a few fold, but…Read more


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Whew.  Hard to get someone’s attention around this place.  Welcome to our Website.  Its 2010 now and we hope you had a great holiday and Happy New Year.   This little blog is…Read more

UAV’s — 27% market growth in Pakistan.

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I don’t get much Spam, but this one really took my fancy.  Apparently the market is just booming for un-manned aerial vechicles (drones!) in Pakistan and Afg

MBE for Beauty and Livestock

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Not sure if ‘you know who’ will post it so I will.  Somebody’s partner is getting an MBE this Friday for raising beautiful livestock and not worrying a single one…Read more

Pink champagne, Sparxxx and Norwegian Wood

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One of the great events of the Winter 2009 Spanish Jam was the arrival of the Pink Champagne to celebrate Jimmy’s birthday — bought at a Spanish Petrol Station and…Read more

Notes on a trip

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Far too many to mention. However, here are some condensed snippets of pictures in my mind from the weekend….

Report Back from Winter 2009 Spanish Jam

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Tough job but someone had to do it — we’ve returned from our Winter Spanish Jam with a finished 2009 CD, 4 new songs and a bunch of fragments to…Read more

Thought for the day

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If you always do what you always did, then you’ll always get what you always got.

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