Relevant puns… no really

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I think we may have a whole category about paninis. 

Hannah’s Top Five: 27th Feb 2010

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Hello! I’m a newbie, and it’s my first day at abubilla as Louise’s assistant (because she’s important). I’m at Jimmy’s house and my first task (after giving Lewie a cuddle…Read more

I Am a Scholar

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As it mentions in the little biog on my artist’s page, I did gig a bit in Bristol. When I say ‘gig’, I mean I coerced my flatmate to accompany…Read more

Notes on a trip

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Far too many to mention. However, here are some condensed snippets of pictures in my mind from the weekend….


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Chicago has a song 25 or 6 to 4.  We have somehow pulled from this song the numbers 4.25.  And for some bizzare reason every SMCC song is 4.25 to…Read more

Ed’s Water Trick

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Ed likes Chords.    Ed likes music trivia and is the prime mover of our list fetish (along with Jimmy the Idiot).  And Ed likes to ‘wank on the pod’

Background on Lyrics to Too Many Weddings

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This is all Ed’s fault.  And Kathy’s. 

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