13.10.12 This Week In The Studio

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Toby has his second visit to the studio and danced along to our new song, Reason to Be

So God Made a Dog…

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One with Cheese. One about Bacon.

‘Awwww of the Day’

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It’s just a dog. Just a picture of a dog.

Toby Heads Off to Chase Sky Stones….

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 With sadness, we are announcing Toby’s departure today as he moves to chase stones in the sky.  Toby has been a dear member of our family for 11 years, watching over…Read more

Mick Jagger, Philipp Kirkorov, Queen’s Jubillee, Jesus and Richmond Park

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(Question: What do these five things have in common?)

An Abubilla Assistant

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Here I reveal THE TRUTH about this little alliterative phrase. Abubilla Assistant: That’s me. I’m sure you’d all love to know what it’s like. Well here goes.. Good things: –…Read more

Toby’s Better!

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Toby Not Very Well…

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Toby, the stupid dog, that we love a lot, is not well.   Kathy is taking him to the vet and we pray he’ll be okay.  Made me think this…Read more

Charlotte’s First Day

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I had no idea what to expect when I timidly knocked on the door of The Saturday Morning Casanata Club (AKA Jimmy’s house). I’d received an email the day before…Read more

Pets: What Dogs and Cats Write in their Diary

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Ed gets all the credit for this one, but I’m here with lap top in lap so I’ll post it.    To be clear, the only reason we have ‘Pets’ Posts…Read more

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