First Day on the Job

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After knocking on the wrong house and getting asked by a creepy old man if want to come in and talk to himĀ …. I was saved by Hannah the assistant…Read more


An Abubilla Assistant

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Here I reveal THE TRUTH about this little alliterative phrase. Abubilla Assistant: That’s me. I’m sure you’d all love to know what it’s like. Well here goes.. Good things: –…Read more

11.11.06 Hannah

The Band are Less Scary and also here’s my long lost Top Five 10.04.10

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Today, the 10th of April. It is eleven o’clock and I have just watched four weddings and a funeral with my ma and pa. Now I am reflecting on how…Read more

This Week in the Studio: 10.04.10

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Sophie loses it again (but at least waits for a song about a funeral), Ed in chord heaven without Andy to wind him in, and in Lou’s absence, Hannah takes…Read more

The Band are Really Scary

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It’s last Saturday. So I’m sitting at my laptop, petting Lewie, maybe I was making tea, getting rid of Toby, something. Usual.

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