My Top 10 Songs for Summer 2014!

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Hi everyone! Now that school’s finished and the summer holidays have begun for many, I thought it would be a great idea to make a summer playlist of some hit…Read more

BBQ-ed out

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The sun is shining and the BBQs are being fired up… As much as I like some delicious BBQ food, I think I’ve had one too many…

Summer Driving Playlist 01

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Soooo….I PASSED! FINALLY! And now it’s time for some chilled cruising down the highway …well, the A3 in the rain; but we can pretend! Arthur Beatrice are a new band…Read more

Cope with the rain!

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Things to do in order to endure this English ‘summer’ weather 1. Watch a summer movie and pretend you’re in it 2. Go on a walk/bike ride with your dog…Read more

Missing Summer in Winter

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Last summer was GCSE summer for me, which if you’ve experienced will know is the longest and bestest summer of all time. One of the things that made it so…Read more

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