14.03.15 This Week In the Studio

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This week in the studio the fire alarm nearly defeated us again, we started on the instrument museum and worked on all the music from album 5…

13.12.14 This Week in The Studio

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Another week working on Starin’ at my Shoes, with Sammy singing lead vocals

13.12.07 This Week In The Studio

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Who knew changing the batteries in a smoke alarm could be so damn hard….

13.11.16 This Week in the Studio

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Two sleeping men today in the studio…

Your Drums

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This Saturday in the studio the assistant team – yes, there are now enough assistants to constitute a team with the arrival of me and Jodie – were called in…Read more

12.11.24 This Week in the Studio

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One of our last days in the Richmond Studio with new Assistants and our final panic before heading to Uganda.

12.11.10 This Week in the Studio

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A fourth. Count ’em. Fourth, attempt at Starin in My Shoes. We use the event to highlight the top 3 songs about shoes…

Background to our Songs: Starin’ at My Shoes

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Starin’ at My Shoes by AbubillaMusic Starin’ at My Shoes is a song that has gone from the jungle to a quirky little girlie love song.  And there’s still her…Read more

This Week in the Studio: 10.11.4 and 10.11.7

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Studio for full band has been closed most of November, but we’ve had two short sessions with Charlotte and Gus.

This Week in the Studio: 10.10.23

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A very busy day, focused around only one song.  Where do the hours go?   Any way, short and sweet report back (from a BA Lounge somewhere in Terminal 5…Read more

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