2012 Year in Review

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We released Chris’s album No One But Yourself and shuffled between our Richmond Studio our Spanish Jam and our Singing Wells trips to East Africa; a world of travels in this, our very special Olympic Year – filled with lots of GB Gold and AM Music Videos.

12.07.26 Report Back from the Spanish Jam

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Another Spanish Jam come and gone. Here’s our formal report with lots of photos. For more photos please check our Flickr on the Home Page.

Immovable Thing and 500 Letters from New York

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The Original Trio was back to perform Immovable Thing on April 29th at Half Moon and the band was there to rock through 500 Letters from New York. Here’s the original video for Immovable Thing and a ‘Live Recording’ of 500 Letters from Sunday’s gig.

12.03.17: This Week in the Studio

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We welcomed Sophie back into the studio, as we added ‘cello bits’ to a two new Chris songs, Be Like You and Walk Away (which gets ‘live’ video treatment which we’ve included as part of a tribute to the Great Daffodil Appeal for Marie Currie).

Abubilla Music: Our History to Date

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For History Buffs, we do our best to tell you everything you never thought you’d need to know about the history of Abubilla Music


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2Cellos – that’s all, doing Michael Jackson – have a look.

2011: A Year in Review for Abubilla Music

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A year of recording in 3’s: finished 3 new albums, recorded 3 discovery artists, recorded in three continents (Brazil, Uganda, Kenya, Spain, UK), plus a plethora of new videos, including 3 firsts: first soundtrack, first annimation, first use of lego pirate ships.

Background to Our Songs: King Henry’s Tears, KHT

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Yep, this is the title track.  And we kinda like it.

Artist of the Moment: Sophie

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We must celebrate our long-standing band members. Sophie, with her only friend, her cello ‘Cecily’ who she acquired at 15, graces us with her presence every Saturday. Her cello lines…Read more

This Week in the Studio: 11.02.26

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We hadn’t gotten together since before the Brazil trip – so great day to catch up, exchange best you tube clips and buckle down into output mode as we prepare…Read more

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