Fireworks Live at the Half Moon

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Fireworks live at the Half Moon – our fourth video. Watch this space for more…

Goodness – it is almost like you were there!

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The videos are arriving from our April Gig at the Half Moon. Enjoy!

Country Music – is where it’s at! FACT!

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Where the money was made in 2011

Abubilla Music: An Update Guide for Newbies

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Every once in a while someone asks one of us: “What is this Abubilla Music Thing?”. And every once in a while we try to answer.

Packed House. Report back from the Half Moon 22 Jan 2012

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Quick Feedback on our 22 January gig at the Half Moon

Breaking out of the Studio Part 2

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So, next Thursday – the 19th August, I have a gig. This time in leafy Surrey. Farnham Maltings to be exact. Not sure on timings yet, but I think we’ll…Read more

Spiralling into Spotify

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My album, as announced on this blog not so long ago, is now available to listen to on Spotify.   Search for Andy Patterson to find it.    Both SMCC albums (Six…Read more

Background to Songs: Chamberlain in Munich

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This is one of those ‘easy ones’ that just fall into place very fast. Six things you might want to know.

This Week in the Studio: 10.01.10

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Posting this on a binary day and discussing a binary studio day — nirvana.   Not really,  that would be quite sad.  So here’s all the weird and wonderful that happened…Read more

The CD’s of Six Months of Saturdays Have Arrived

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Okay, so for most of you this news will be met with a big ‘so what.’  We know.

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