Dobo, aka Ghostwheel, remixes The Knife Will Come

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How exciting! Our first very own re-mix… The Knife Will Come (Ghostwheel mix) by AbubillaMusic Hear all about it from the mix master himself:

Recording: How to Build A Home Recording Studio 1.0

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Okay, so this is a blog about creating a home studio for audio recording and it will involve 7 steps.  It will be told from a Home Studio for dummies…Read more

The Band are Less Scary and also here’s my long lost Top Five 10.04.10

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Today, the 10th of April. It is eleven o’clock and I have just watched four weddings and a funeral with my ma and pa. Now I am reflecting on how…Read more

How To Guide: Creating a CD

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At times I have felt really quite hard done by about this. Jimmy asked me to look into CD Reproduction companies (imagine booming voice: “Louise, create CD!”) – an area…Read more

Love you anyway

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This was a tune inspired by a comment from Helen (at the time my lovely girlfriend, now my even lovelier fiancée). 

Tommy Come Home – the history

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So Tommy come home is the chordiest song I ever wrote. Completely un-intentional – I like a 12 bar as much as the next man – that’s just the way…Read more

Live (well…ish) from the Mastering Suite

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Hello All. We are reporting live from Highbury Grove Studios, where Dave Moore is beginning the mastering of 6 Months of Saturdays, the debut offering from The Saturday Morning Canasta…Read more

Sandy and shopping with Girls

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Sitting with Andy in Spain finishing some mixes.  And we’ve concluded after 23 different takes that the best take of Sandy in the Sleeping Bag is take 1.   Andy has…Read more

Louise Takes on Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

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Here’s an early draft of the Six Months of Saturdays Cover.   It is a visual representation of the blogs!   The final will out on 15 December.

2009.11 November News

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Catch up on all our November News and Important December Dates:  mark your Calendars for the December 15th Release of Six Months of Saturdays, the first CD of Saturday Morning…Read more

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