Background to our Songs: Starin’ at My Shoes

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Starin’ at My Shoes by AbubillaMusic Starin’ at My Shoes is a song that has gone from the jungle to a quirky little girlie love song.  And there’s still her…Read more

Artist of the Moment: Louise

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Our artist of the moment is Louise or Lou.  She’s the label’s resident actress, singer/song-writer and Website Administrator.  She claims she values the jobs in that order, but we find…Read more

A Very Short List of Our Best Blogs

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A variety of blogs for you this week, not all music-video orientated (Jimmy) but a selection from across our broad spectrum. Andy’s feature heavily:

Song Development: Sat Out the 15th

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Songs in the Abubilla catalogue will often have gone through a number of revisions before they reach the final version that makes it to an album. It can be quite…Read more

How To Guide: Mixing Beat Boxing 1.0

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This is from Mikey, our resident beat boxing and the heart and soul of Invading London and Sat Out the 15th.  He was teaching Jimmy how to mix Invading London…Read more

This Week in the Studio: 10.03.06

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Car crashes, illness and Martyn singing into the wrong side of a mic – bad news comes in 3’s.   Andy nails 1 in a trillion, Martyn sings like … Martyn,…Read more

My First Impression on being an Abubilla Assistant

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My first proper day as an assistant at Abubilla, age 15!!

Sat Out the 15th – New but very ruff

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And here’s the recent version – a very ruff mix, please bear in mind!

Sat Out the 15th (original)

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Here’s the original version of Sat Out the 15th, for our February newsletter readers…

This Week in the Studio: 10.01.10

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Posting this on a binary day and discussing a binary studio day — nirvana.   Not really,  that would be quite sad.  So here’s all the weird and wonderful that happened…Read more

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