13.02.16 This Week in the Studio

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Boyzone in the studio…

13.01.19 This Week in the Studio

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Our first official studio day in our new studio. We were chilly.

One to watch and let’s hope X factor doesn’t ruin her…

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A little blog about 13 year olds. We ‘discover’ Danielle Prou from LA and re-introduce Sammy from London…

For anyone with a cat..

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Simon’s Cat – funny ’cause it’s true!     There are so many more on Youtube.. the newest one is priceless, ‘Double Trouble’

Pets: What Dogs and Cats Write in their Diary

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Ed gets all the credit for this one, but I’m here with lap top in lap so I’ll post it.    To be clear, the only reason we have ‘Pets’ Posts…Read more

Song of the Moment: Mah Knees

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Mah Knees by AbubillaMusic Oh, my goodness.  Never has so much gone into so little.  This is the anti-Battle of Britian.  And yet, there’s a wee bit of charm in…Read more

Time to Tell You About the Ball Thing…

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Yes, broke a ball, but got seriously high on morphine for 15 days…almost worth it.

Tip of the Day 10.03.11 Life at 4.23 AM

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Yes, I gave a little speech about being a morning person in a recent blog (tip 4 on D.E.).    So here’s a little blog on the reality of getting up…Read more

This Week at the Studio: 10.01.23

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This was the closest we’ve come to achieving the full vision of Abubilla Music:  Chaos, Creativity and Community (the 3 C’s!).

A cock-a-poo? You’ve got to be kidding!

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Well.  A week ago we broke all rules of the household and brought a little foo foo designer dog into the house.  Even Paris Hilton might feel a bit wimpy…Read more

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