My Top 10 Songs for Summer 2014!

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Hi everyone! Now that school’s finished and the summer holidays have begun for many, I thought it would be a great idea to make a summer playlist of some hit…Read more

Who we Listened to in 2013…

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A look back at the To Listen to in 2013 series…

Seaing things…

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read this blog to pretend you’re sitting on the beach (it really works…)

Sun Song Playlist

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There are clouds still in the sky. All the time. It rains. It is cold. It is May. Mid May. Here are my top Summer songs to keep the metaphorical…Read more

To listen to in 2013…. II

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This is a follow up blog to the first artist for your 2013 playlist, Hannah Dorman. For a quick update on her, her EP Words was released was released on…Read more

Fed up listening to the same old Christmas songs

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Although Christmas Day may have been and gone, if you are not quite ready to let go of the Christmas cheer – like me – but cannot bring yourself to…Read more

Music for a celebration – The Diamond Jubilee

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Music to party to on this long weekend!

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