Song Picks: 10.01.30

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Sometimes the song is so good, and the video is so extraordinary, that only one song needs to go on our weekly ‘Song Discovery’.   This is one of those songs: …Read more

Ed’s Water Trick

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Ed likes Chords.    Ed likes music trivia and is the prime mover of our list fetish (along with Jimmy the Idiot).  And Ed likes to ‘wank on the pod’

Diet Coke

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This band is 72% Diet Coke.  

The Saturday Pizza Order

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Being part of the Abubilla Community is about sharing the full shabang!  We’re like watching a DVD on the ‘Making of Classic Albums’ without actually the Classic Album bit (See: …Read more

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Hans Rosling's 200 Countries, 200 Years, 4 Minutes

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I knew Florida Orange juice was 100% somethin'

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