Die Winter Die

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We’re hating winter and lovin’ memories of summer …. so we bring you our best sun-shiny videos (it’s a word!)

2012 Year in Review

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We released Chris’s album No One But Yourself and shuffled between our Richmond Studio our Spanish Jam and our Singing Wells trips to East Africa; a world of travels in this, our very special Olympic Year – filled with lots of GB Gold and AM Music Videos.

There’s looping…AND THEN THERE’s LOOPING!!

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We introduce Super loopy Bernhoft….

12.07.26 Report Back from the Spanish Jam

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Another Spanish Jam come and gone. Here’s our formal report with lots of photos. For more photos please check our Flickr on the Home Page.

2011 In Review: A Personal ‘Greatest Hits’ Album

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We end the year with a suggested 2011 Greatest Hits album – quite cheecky for this ‘hitless wonder.’

Background to Songs: She Knows

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Andy loves it.  Ed hates it.  We haven’t told Ed we put it on the album.  Shhhhhh.

Background to Songs: One in a Trillion

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One in a Trillion beget two songs — itself and She Knows.  And it uses the phrase Opposable Thumbs twice.   How is this NOT your favourite SMCC song?

Background to Songs: Chamberlain in Munich

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This is one of those ‘easy ones’ that just fall into place very fast. Six things you might want to know.

This Week in the Studio: 10.03.27

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Mikey brings even more class to ‘One in a Trillion’, while Gus puts down two of his songs and ‘fixes’  ‘Starin’ at My Shoes.’   And Mike does unspeakable things to…Read more

This Week in the Studio: 10.03.13

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Just send off the four mixes from today’s session, so time to tell to summarise the day, which was filled with the ‘Grand Return’ of Lou and Sophie to the…Read more

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