Weray Ent; Up-and-coming group

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So Weray Ent are a new, fresh afrobeats group. As you may or may not know, afrobeats is a new genre of music which is influenced by traditional African music,…Read more


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Beyoncé is back.

Tinie Demonstrating his talent on his 2nd album

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A few misses, but mostly hits, Tinie has done it again and produced an accomplished second album… Take a listen

To listen to in 2013…. X

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A bit of hip hop for our 2013 playlist….

To Listen to in 2013…IX

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The next artist I recommend for you to add to your playlist of 2013… Super scottish and hence awesome

Days are Gone

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It’s HAIM TIME! Have a read and a listen to their debut album

To listen to in 2013… VIII

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The next artist to feature in our To listen to in 2013 series… Only 16, but mature beyond her years vocally, lyrically and in performance. Her debut album is out October 28th, which is super exciting!

‘…Futur’ of Canadian bands…

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From Montreal, this Candian band is something cool to listen to and one to watch…

From ‘Down South’

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A brief musical history of the biggest Australian artist right now… Provactive, brave and different, she’s well worth a listen

The Way I Tend To Be

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Soooo… this is me rocking a yellow anorak, hope you like!

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