A Thank You Note from The Bridge….

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More than you’ll ever want to know about the building of the new studio….

More on the Kindle and Why Amazon will rule the world and Facebook is toast…

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He pontificates about the Kindle, bitches about Facebook, flogs a dusty SMCC song and then confesses a love for Avril. Yeck.

This Week in the Studio: 10.10.23

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A very busy day, focused around only one song.  Where do the hours go?   Any way, short and sweet report back (from a BA Lounge somewhere in Terminal 5…Read more

The Drama Queen

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Given that my Abubilla life is about learning to work with ‘artists’ (vs. business folks) and is somewhat a battle of left vs. right brains, I found this particularly funny!…Read more

North Korea vs. South Korea

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Sometimes a picture tells it all…

This Week in the Studio: 10.09.18

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Women and Guitars.  Monkeys and Origami.  And turning Andy’s song from James Taylor to White Snake…

Fun? at our house on Sundays…

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Well.  I’m not proud.  And now I suddenly realise my darling wife will scream at anything … but here’s a typical Sunday when you live with teenagers…

This Week in the Studio: 10.03.09 Gus and the Falling Bear…

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We have met the future of music.

Song Discovery: 10.02.14 Valentine’s Special

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This is it — the long promised and long threatened Valentines Day Song Discovery.   I pulled in our ‘Voices’ gang (more on this later) to help… Listen up

Joke of the Day. 10.02.12 My Only Joke

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Folks. I only have one joke.  Here it is.

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