Latest from Iran: Monkeys in Space….

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We were there oh so long before those Iranians.

More space monkeys!

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42 seconds of procrastination – lovely twins dance along to Monkey Space Camp

Monkey Space Camp

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We felt it was time to dust off Monkey Space Camp from the Abubilla faults.   Four little facts: 1. Written during a Spanish Jam; inspired by Gus and Mike…Read more

18 February, Ollie the Cow and Monkey Space Camp

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Ollie the Cow joins the mile high club on this day in 1930 – followed two decades later by the Monkey immortalised in Monkey Space Camp

Astronauts Falling on the Moon

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We give you a two step process to link great visuals wiith our music.

Background to our Songs: Monkey Space Camp

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Monkey Space Camp by AbubillaMusic A silly song about two very silly boys… and the Monkey Space Race.

*** The 500th’ Blog ***: Time for a Best of…

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THIS IS THE 500TH BLOG.   500. Seems a good time to take a little ‘looksie’ at the best of our blogs and Moments… Stick to the end, because we…Read more

Monkey Space Camp: A New SMCC Video

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Okay, sometimes we are simply ridiculous.   This is one of those times.  But really fun video.

This Week in the Studio: 10.09.25

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Officially, the London studio was closed, but there was so much going on in Alaska and Kenya and huge progress on the video front – so worth a quick update…Read more

This Week in the Studio: 10.09.18

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Women and Guitars.  Monkeys and Origami.  And turning Andy’s song from James Taylor to White Snake…

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