Rosie and Tati’s Blog of the Week: Songs For My Daughter

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Songs For My Daughter Music and musings on things you’d really like your daughter to know so she can grow up empowered and ready to take on the world, aware…Read more

Recording: How to Build A Home Recording Studio 1.0

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Okay, so this is a blog about creating a home studio for audio recording and it will involve 7 steps.  It will be told from a Home Studio for dummies…Read more

Top 5 Misheard Lyrics

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From the Sunday Times – I found funny – top 5 misheard lyrics of all time.  Of course, we welcome additions.

Ed’s excellent adventure in Abubilla Scholar Land

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The phone rings.  

Love you anyway

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This was a tune inspired by a comment from Helen (at the time my lovely girlfriend, now my even lovelier fiancée). 

Background to Lyrics of Old Gray Posts

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Andy saved this one from going Paul Anka or Carpenters.  Original idea was based on tying together a bunch of little stories from historical sign makers that are posted all…Read more

Background to Lyrics for 71 Hours to Monday

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Well, this one didn’t go as planned at all.  Was meant to be a rip off of the Stones doing Spider to the Fly and you can hear the same…Read more

Background to Lyrics of The Knife Will Come

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(Updated on Valentines Day) This is a bit sad.  A bit sick.  But led to our first video. 

Toby and his Stones

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Toby is our dog.  Not the band’s dog, but the family dog.  we would give him to the band at a moment’s notice. but no takers.  Toby is also the…Read more

Background on Lyrics to Sat out the 15th

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Watched Thrilla in Manilla and found it pretty shocking. 

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