2012 Year in Review

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We released Chris’s album No One But Yourself and shuffled between our Richmond Studio our Spanish Jam and our Singing Wells trips to East Africa; a world of travels in this, our very special Olympic Year – filled with lots of GB Gold and AM Music Videos.

Goodness – it is almost like you were there!

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The videos are arriving from our April Gig at the Half Moon. Enjoy!

Abubilla Live: Leon Friday 13th

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News and photos from our Friday the 13th Gig at Leon.

The Song Path; Marketing – how to get gigs

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Possibly the biggest question of all…

11.01.27 Flat Planet Opens and Gus is Launched

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Yep, Thursday night saw the opening of Flat Planet, John Vincent’s new venture and the launch of our Discovery Series, beginning with Discovery 1:  Gus

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