Die Winter Die

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We’re hating winter and lovin’ memories of summer …. so we bring you our best sun-shiny videos (it’s a word!)

The 1000 club….A Baker’s Dozen Videos, 8 vocalists, 5 countries, 3 years…

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We decided the time was right to collect all our videos with over a thousand views into one place for your viewing pleasure….

8 Jolly Good Reasons to See Us at the Half Moon this Sunday….

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8 Jolly Good reasons to watch us this Sunday.

Videos from the Villa

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The Spanish Jam is Coming and we decided to get warmed up with some ‘Video’s from the Villa’

Goodness – it is almost like you were there!

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The videos are arriving from our April Gig at the Half Moon. Enjoy!

King Henry’s Tears: Live at the Half Moon

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The first of our videos – Live at the Half Moon

Abubilla Live: Leon Friday 13th

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News and photos from our Friday the 13th Gig at Leon.

2011 In Review: A Personal ‘Greatest Hits’ Album

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We end the year with a suggested 2011 Greatest Hits album – quite cheecky for this ‘hitless wonder.’

Background to Our Songs: King Henry’s Tears, KHT

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Yep, this is the title track.  And we kinda like it.

11.07.17 This Week in the Studio

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OD’s.  Yep.  Over dubs.  For the last three Saturdays we’ve been doing lots of over-dubs, mixing and liner notes for the next album, so I’ll put all this together into…Read more

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