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Many more videos have been added to the Singing Wells field report blogs and uploaded to their youtube page – check them both out to hear some more tribal music from…Read more

Working with the music of our African friends… in Spain – part 1

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Andy takes Jovah’s Inyange and develops the musical accompaniment.

Winyo Shortlisted for Rolex Mentor initiative

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We are pleased to pass on the news that our friend Winyo, from Ketebul Music has been shortlisted for the Rolex Mentor Protege arts initiative. If selected, Winyo will benefit…Read more

The Best of the Singing Wells 2011

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The best of the Singing Wells recordings 2011

2011: A Year in Review for Abubilla Music

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A year of recording in 3’s: finished 3 new albums, recorded 3 discovery artists, recorded in three continents (Brazil, Uganda, Kenya, Spain, UK), plus a plethora of new videos, including 3 firsts: first soundtrack, first annimation, first use of lego pirate ships.

Africa – moments I got most jealous about

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A team from Singing Wells went to Africa for 16 days – as we have mentioned, to understand what it was about and read what they did – http://www.singingwells.org/news/ go…Read more

11.11.04 This Week in the Studio

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The latest adventures from the studio – as we focus on two new songs and sort out the remaining details for our Africa Trip

Our Shiny New Website and it’s Zippy New Features

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So… you might have noticed we have a new Website.   Here’s 4 things you might want to know about it… read more

Background to Our Songs: 71 Hours to Monday, Global Remix

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71 Hours to Monday, Global Remix, is the final song off our fourth album, King Henry’s Tears.

71 Hours to Monday, Global Remix

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We are very proud of this video and hope you enjoy it:

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