14.03.15 This Week In the Studio

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This week in the studio the fire alarm nearly defeated us again, we started on the instrument museum and worked on all the music from album 5…

Magic Moments: Singing Wells Drums

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Have you wondered why it’s all gone a bit quiet at this website? The Answer Africa. Here’s a tease. Expect a lot more.

Midomo Water Purifers

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We are always interested to hear about initiatives and programmes which are supporting people in developing countries and in particular in East Africa where the Singing Wells project is operating. Here is one we absolutely love. It’s the Midomo – a simple and effective 3-in-1 water carrier, purifier and storage unit.

Abubilla in Africa

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So, as was mentioned in another blog, I did indeed journey to Africa – Nairobi in Kenya to be precise.

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