A Thank You Note from The Bridge….

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More than you’ll ever want to know about the building of the new studio….

Kathy’s Joke

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The 33rd best Moth Joke ever and a decent Santana song!

Abubilla Music: Our History to Date

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For History Buffs, we do our best to tell you everything you never thought you’d need to know about the history of Abubilla Music

Fun? at our house on Sundays…

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Well.  I’m not proud.  And now I suddenly realise my darling wife will scream at anything … but here’s a typical Sunday when you live with teenagers…

Big Old Bird: Background to Song and Lyrics

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Updated on Valentines Day 2010:  Not too many songs about IVF and infertility treatment. Oh, the good, bad and ugly that is Abubilla Music.  We promised you demos as we…Read more

Summer 2009 Spanish Jam: The Music

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Our Summer 2009 Spanish Jam was filled with sun, canasda, hi-los, wine, San Miguel, etc… and for a small group of us, tucked away in the dark and very air…Read more

Ed’s Water Trick

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Ed likes Chords.    Ed likes music trivia and is the prime mover of our list fetish (along with Jimmy the Idiot).  And Ed likes to ‘wank on the pod’

‘Kathy the Saint’ and the Studios

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Kathy is a saint.  Everyone knows this.   And seriously question why she allows herself to be so tortured by Jimmy the idiot. 

Sammy the Angry Cat

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A major feature of Six Months of Saturdays is that every song features the unintended vocals of either Toby or Sammy.    Toby is the stupid dog.  Sammy is the angry…Read more

Background on Lyrics to Too Many Weddings

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This is all Ed’s fault.  And Kathy’s. 

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