The Way I Tend To Be

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Soooo… this is me rocking a yellow anorak, hope you like!

Spray on Clothes

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This is AMAZING! A Spanish designer, Manel Torres, has invented ‘spray on clothes.’ Sounds crazy right? And you would just presume it’s just spray paint onto a body, which is…Read more

Why I was absent at work last Saturday…

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As well as every Saturday at the moment (which makes me sad), I wasn’t in last Saturday cos I got some exciting news! Guess who’s in the new Frank Turner…Read more

Rilo Kiley

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Apart from having a really cool name, Jenny Lewis is a great singer; her voice!  I’m not sure if I sound really stupid writing a blog about a band from…Read more

Kids Humour

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My friend showed me this blog a while ago, because the humour on it reminded her of me (I don’t know if this was an insult or a compliment- she…Read more


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It’s the modern girl  (not as good) version of the Beach Boys!   Californian band, ‘Bleached’ formed of 2 sisters Jessica and Jennifer Calvin’s new album ‘Ride Your Heart’ is…Read more

Skiing experiences

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It’s one of those typical ‘family stories’ that only becomes funny about 2 weeks later …but I wanted to share just to establish the TRAUMA I went through last week…Read more

P*nsioners in Paris

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I hope you understand the play on words in the title… I stole it from my friend who’s ingenious idea it was to have an elderly themed 18th!!? I think…Read more

San Cisco

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I haven’t written about this new band I really like! San Cisco are an Australian band and before they renamed themselves they were called King George. I prefer San Cisco…Read more


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So apparently this years Brit Awards was the most boring one ever…   C’monnn they’re cute! no…? I watched and I really didn’t feel this was the case, I mean…Read more

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