Abubilla Music: Our History to Date

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For History Buffs, we do our best to tell you everything you never thought you’d need to know about the history of Abubilla Music

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I’ve got a gadget on my phone.  That’s unlike me because I’m not a gadget type of person.  I’m a spiral bound, narrow ruled, hard back kind of gal always…Read more

Background to Our Songs – Cold Light of Day

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Cold Light of Day by AbubillaMusic So, a good few years ago, I had an idea for a lyric while wandering around the charming sea-side resort of Playa de las…Read more

And then there were none…

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So after getting mellow and disheartened and slightly unmotivated to do anything the world has once again tipped on it axis (axes? not sure about that one) and yet again…Read more

*** The 500th’ Blog ***: Time for a Best of…

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THIS IS THE 500TH BLOG.   500. Seems a good time to take a little ‘looksie’ at the best of our blogs and Moments… Stick to the end, because we…Read more

I think I just turned mellow

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Turned a year older this week.  Didn’t wake up with that excited feeling in the pit of my stomach.  Got a card from someone I love that they also gave me…Read more

Midweek madness

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It has just gone past midday on this midweek day.  That means a fresh weekend is looming closer and this week has almost gone.  Not that I’m wishing my life…Read more

This Week in the Studio: 10.10.09-10.10.10

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A massive turn out at our London studios as we rally to finish If I Were a Little Birdie, in advance of our next Spanish Jam.

Tough week?

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It’s been a tough week.  I’m coming down with some sort of cold and I’m having a familiar realisation that however much work I get done, none of it is…Read more

This Week in the Studio: 10.09.18

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Women and Guitars.  Monkeys and Origami.  And turning Andy’s song from James Taylor to White Snake…

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