12.07.26 Report Back from the Spanish Jam

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Another Spanish Jam come and gone. Here’s our formal report with lots of photos. For more photos please check our Flickr on the Home Page.

Abubilla News! 2nd September

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Thanks to Andy, that clever little busy bee, our latest album, Misery Marmalade and Other Spanish Jams, is available in SO MANY places, you can hardly avoid it… Also, Jimmy,…Read more

Artist of the moment: Martyn. An Essay in…

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At this moment, we are featuring Martyn.   And we’ll take a different tack for this ‘feature.’  More of a free wheeling, random discussion of all that is … well… free…Read more

First Report Back of June 24-30, 2010 Spanish Jam

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This will be the first of several blogs on the Spanish Jam – giving you a quick update on THE MUSIC and EVERYTHING ELSE. 

How Old Is Your Brain?

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This was just forwarded to me – one of those brain test that reveal how old your brain is…. This is vitally important to our Bee Cell competition. 

Love you anyway

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This was a tune inspired by a comment from Helen (at the time my lovely girlfriend, now my even lovelier fiancée). 

Ed’s Water Trick

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Ed likes Chords.    Ed likes music trivia and is the prime mover of our list fetish (along with Jimmy the Idiot).  And Ed likes to ‘wank on the pod’

Background on Lyrics to Too Many Weddings

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This is all Ed’s fault.  And Kathy’s. 

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