Africa – moments I got most jealous about

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A team from Singing Wells went to Africa for 16 days – as we have mentioned, to understand what it was about and read what they did – go…Read more

An Abubilla Assistant

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Here I reveal THE TRUTH about this little alliterative phrase. Abubilla Assistant: That’s me. I’m sure you’d all love to know what it’s like. Well here goes.. Good things: –…Read more

Background to Songs: Floating with You, KHT

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Floating with You is a song off our fourth album, King Henry Tears, featuring our teenagers as lead vocalists!


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Just came back from the magical world of Glastonbury Festival, where I was mesmerized by mesmerizing bands and artists that were so famous that it didn’t really sink in, like:…Read more


Jimmy’s Secret Geordie (Gospel) Life

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On June 20th 2011, Hannah posted the following blog: I happened to be in Durham last week (visiting the University, yes I am at that stage in my life and…Read more

Jimmy's Secret Geordie Life

Best for Procrastination.

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Students across the world, this time is hard for us, that much is clear.

This Week in the Studio: 11.05.07 (and ridiculously good dog video)

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A wee bit of Opera, the introduction of The Richmonds, Hannah takes her first lead, two studios operating, Cecily takes a rest and the triumphent return of Louise.  A pretty…Read more


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A guy in Australia started mixing sounds from disney films into songs, and now creates music from his own shots. The outcome is AMAZING, so check it out… Alice and…Read more

This Week in the Studio: 11.01.08

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First, Happy New Year.  We had our first full day in the studio for 2011, working with the second artist from the Discovery series, Michael.  Oh, and Jimmy lost £20. …Read more

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas..

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I’m feeling particularly festive at the moment, the snow, the lights, it’s all happening. SMCC are even recording a christmas song, how incredibly festive! In aid of the occasion, I…Read more

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