13.06.08 This Week in the Studio

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8 hours, 24 notes, 1 baby and Martyn. Oh and Olivia’s big shoes.

13.05.18 This Week in the Studio

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Quick update on today in the studio…

2013 Winter Jam: A quick report….

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We return from the 2013 Winter Jam a little sun burned, a little Bugled out… and with 6 nice little songs… all reworked in the Sunshine.

Abubilla Live: Leon Friday 13th

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News and photos from our Friday the 13th Gig at Leon.

2011 In Review: A Personal ‘Greatest Hits’ Album

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We end the year with a suggested 2011 Greatest Hits album – quite cheecky for this ‘hitless wonder.’

Background To Songs: These Strings, KHT

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These Strings is the fifth song on our fourth album, King Henry’s Tears. 

Artist of the Moment: Louise

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Our artist of the moment is Louise or Lou.  She’s the label’s resident actress, singer/song-writer and Website Administrator.  She claims she values the jobs in that order, but we find…Read more

This Week in the Studio: 10.06.05

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It was meant to be a ‘liner notes’ day.  But then our COO brought her fiddle.

The Band are Less Scary and also here’s my long lost Top Five 10.04.10

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Today, the 10th of April. It is eleven o’clock and I have just watched four weddings and a funeral with my ma and pa. Now I am reflecting on how…Read more

Jam Jar Competition: Jimmy’s Dead Fly Submissions

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To be honest, it was a bit cloudy in Spain today.  So inspired by dead fly art and the Viagra submission, we have now moved on to our formal submissions…Read more

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