2012 Year in Review

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We released Chris’s album No One But Yourself and shuffled between our Richmond Studio our Spanish Jam and our Singing Wells trips to East Africa; a world of travels in this, our very special Olympic Year – filled with lots of GB Gold and AM Music Videos.

And the vids just keep on comin’ – Andy and Rob perform Breathe at Half Moon

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More Videos from the Half Moon Gig on September 16th

A Quick Report from last night’s Half Moon gig….

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A few pictues, a few videos – and a very short report back from last night’s gig at the Half Moon. Videos of the night to follow…

Abubilla Live: Leon Friday 13th

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News and photos from our Friday the 13th Gig at Leon.

2011 In Review: A Personal ‘Greatest Hits’ Album

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We end the year with a suggested 2011 Greatest Hits album – quite cheecky for this ‘hitless wonder.’

Song Development: Collaboration

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We start each of these blogs with the same point:  we write these not because we’re good at any of these, but rather because were students of all things music. …Read more

Background to Songs: Breathe, KHT

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Breathe is the third song from our fourth album, King Henry’s Tears and one of the band favourites.  And it almost didn’t happen…

What Would Martyn Say? Breathe!

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Our fourth album, entitled ‘What Would Martyn Say?’  will be released in June 2011.   We have a few songs moving into mixing, but a lot in the hopper.  We…Read more

This Week in the Studio: 11.02.26

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We hadn’t gotten together since before the Brazil trip – so great day to catch up, exchange best you tube clips and buckle down into output mode as we prepare…Read more

Background to Songs on King Henry’s Tears. A bit about Bob.

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Don’t be confused. This isn’t about a song.  It is about Bob, who appears a lot on King Henry’s Tears.  Given how often I reference him in the song backgrounds, it…Read more

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