Why We Hate Ed’s Wife’s Sister.

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After a set of Blogs about why we like the English, we found an exception….

The Original Angry Birds and other Pixar Shorts…

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We have this bird thing. You probably noticed. So worth a revisit to For the Birds and the best explanation for fall of the dinosaurs… And you can see Birdie!

The Will To Live – A Bee’s Story

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During our Spanish Jams, we swim with a lot of dead bees and wasps, victims of getting a wee bit too close to the pool.  So we were inspired by…Read more

Pets: What Dogs and Cats Write in their Diary

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Ed gets all the credit for this one, but I’m here with lap top in lap so I’ll post it.    To be clear, the only reason we have ‘Pets’ Posts…Read more

What do to if bored at work (and dead flies not available)

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Okay.  I hestitate to recommend ways to waste time at work, after the Abubilla Classic of Dead Fly Art.  But here are two little games, brought to us by VSL,…Read more

How Old Is Your Brain?

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This was just forwarded to me – one of those brain test that reveal how old your brain is…. This is vitally important to our Bee Cell competition. 

Song Discovery 5: 10.01.01

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Happy New Year from DC (look at today’s date — so binary).  I spent part of my New Year’s Eve getting searched a bit too thoroughly by a nice older…Read more

This Week in the Studio: 09.12.12

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Decorating the Christmas Tree while invading London and complaining about publicising personality disorders?    And bee cell splits the band!

Summer 2009 Spanish Jam: The Fun Bits

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Hello to all who might be reading this rather late update on our August jammin’ time! I am using this blogging spot to give more juice on the background of…Read more

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