We first partnered with DanDan Fitzgerald to master Misery Marmalade and other Spanish Jams and Dan has mastered each of our SMCC albums since.

SoundSound is the trading name of Engineer Producer ‘DanDan’ FitzGerald. The business was primarily Live Sound during the Eighties and Nineties. Recordings of gigs led to studio work. DD became an in-demand freelance Recording Engineer. At one stage, three of his records simultaneously reached the top ten of the Irish CD Charts. SoundSound Studio, founded in 95, is DD’s personal use facility in Cork City, Ireland. It is designed so that up to 5 musicians can play live, while isolated sonically in separate rooms. Very special equipment has been collected over decades, resulting in a showcase of the world’s best.

German Engineering is to the fore :- TAB V76 and Siemens V78 Modules, and Neumann U67 represent the apex of Analogue Valve Technology. Later contributions come from MBHO, ADAM, Beyer, Sennheiser, and more Neumann. SoundSound has diversified in recent years. It is common these days for an album to be recorded in a variety of studios, including home ones.

The White room is a Mastering Class environment, which, including the ADAM S3A speakers, boasts a plus or minus 4.5dB frequency response, with incredible resolution. More importantly DD’s experience and ears can bring your mixes to life.