Copysound is based in the west country but we deal with musicians from all over the UK and a few from Europe. We produce CD and DVD products for musicians as well as businesses and videomakers. Short runs using recordable discs and longer runs using replicated discs to full retail spec.

Our history is music making – we ran a recording studio near Oxford for twenty years so I suppose this gives us an insight into the sheer amount of effort and dedication required to get your music ready for duplication. It’s a strange situation where you have so much control over the making of your music, tweaking every last nuance of detail in the mix, and then having to pass the whole thing over to a bunch of people you’ve never met before who then send you something back in a week or two which you hope and pray vaguely looks like the mock up you printed out on your home printer!

Abubilla are a good case in hand – we worked well together and there were queries over colour of the print which took a while to resolve, but a good bit of communication counts for a lot and all went well in the end.

So maybe we go the extra mile for our musician clients and hope that we do your work justice. We haven’t let a band down on a release night , and wont make any promises that can’t be kept.


Copysound have also recently launched a mobile studio solution based around their Pro Tools HD2 rig. For more info, goto: