Six Months of Saturdays

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Our first CD, released in the Autumn of 2009 and featuring our first two Discover Artists: Louise Calf and Ed Stone. They contributed four songs to the album as Discover Artists and then joined the band! So really they’ve stayed with us from the outset. This is a very eclectic collection of songs as the band experiments with folk (No Poetry, Sandy, Major Matt Mason, Roadside Comedy), blues (Old Gray Posts), Big Band (Too Many Weddings), Motown (Let Love Shine), 50’s Pop (I Love You Anyway), and straight disco rave (71 Hours to Monday). As we tell our followers, ‘if you don’t like a song on this album, skip to the next, because it is guaranteed to be different.’ So check out the styles!

Six Months of Saturdays - The Saturday Morning Canasta Club


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No Poetry Lyrics Outtakes Info
Sandy in the Sleeping Bag Lyrics Outtakes Info
Old Gray Posts Lyrics Outtakes Info
Let Love Shine (The SMCC version) Lyrics Outtakes Info
Love You Anyway Lyrics Outtakes Info
The Knife Will Come Lyrics Outtakes Info
Roadside Comedy Lyrics Outtakes Info
Brad and Janet's Oldest Daughter Frankie Lyrics Outtakes Info
Major Matt Mason Lyrics Outtakes Info
Tommy Come Home Lyrics Outtakes Info
Too Many Weddings Lyrics Outtakes Info
71 Hours to Monday Lyrics Outtakes Info
King of the Biosphere Lyrics Outtakes Info

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