Misery Marmalade and Other Spanish Jams

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Our second CD, released in summer 2010 and featuring Gus Warriner, Mike Park, Sophie Mackinder and Imogen Commander as Discover Artists. This album is mostly an acoustic affair of guitars and cellos, although we drift into reggae and rock towards the back half. We’re rather pleased with the fact that the first four songs have four different lead vocals, and that Sat Out the 15th is the first song we have produced to feature both beat boxing and a cello as the main instruments. And, of course, there’s Gus-who kicks off the album with his very own Fairy Tale.

Misery Marmalade and Other Spanish Jams - The Saturday Morning Canasta Club


Their music can be labeled as poppy rock folk, with some forays into hip-hop and beatboxing. It may sound as “free-for-all” grab bag of songs at first, but all songs share the fun of a DIY approach that simmers through lick and chord. It’s like being invited to a mad tea party with music, with the musicians pulling rabbits out of their instruments.

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Fairy Tale Lyrics Outtakes Info
Immovable Thing Lyrics Outtakes Info
Big Old Bird Lyrics Outtakes Info
One in a Trillion Lyrics Outtakes Info
In Love Lyrics Outtakes Info
Mah Knees Lyrics Outtakes Info
Sat out the 15th Lyrics Outtakes Info
Box of Yellow Roses Lyrics Outtakes Info
Chamberlain in Munich Lyrics Outtakes Info
Another Day Lyrics Outtakes Info
The Only Thing That's Missing Lyrics Outtakes Info
She Knows Lyrics Outtakes Info
Invading London Lyrics Outtakes Info
Coins of Love Lyrics Outtakes Info

This Week in the studio...

Immovable Thing: A New SMCC Video

Written by

Hot on the heals of If I Were a Little Birdie, Mah Knees and Monkey Space Camp, we are very proud to deliver our second ClingFilms production – the Video…Read more

Big Old Bird

Written by

As a special ‘Tweet treat’ for the members of the Birds Nest, we have the original recording of “Big Old Bird”.

This Week in the Studio: 10.06.05

Written by

It was meant to be a ‘liner notes’ day.  But then our COO brought her fiddle.

This Week in the Studio. 10.05.22

Written by

A disasterous overture, but Imp delivers and out of nowhere – a new song for our CD.  Must have been the sunshine.

This Week in the The Studo: 10.05.13

Written by

We suddenly turned political. Didn’t mean to, just needed a word that didn’t sound like a German command for ‘stretch your hamstrings!’

10.05.08 This Week in the Studio

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The Chipmunks take on Efatuation Nation — and Rob’s latin beats win out.   And Sophie continues to cause trouble, while Andy’s comedian takes an interesting turn.  This week in the…Read more

10.05.01 This Week in the Studio

Written by

Bloody Mary’s & Sausages, Big Knees and Bigger Hangovers, The Real Thing, Ping Pong and a bit of rain — all in a day’s work at Abubilla Music.

This Week in the Studio: 10.04.17-18

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Ed’s pretends to go ballooning, Soph arrives hungover and uncensured, Steph meets the band, Mike arrives late,  Martyn goes ‘walkin’, and Gus gives it all a miss and comes a…Read more

This Week in the Studio: 10.04.10

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Sophie loses it again (but at least waits for a song about a funeral), Ed in chord heaven without Andy to wind him in, and in Lou’s absence, Hannah takes…Read more

This Week in the Studio: 10.03.27

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Mikey brings even more class to ‘One in a Trillion’, while Gus puts down two of his songs and ‘fixes’  ‘Starin’ at My Shoes.’   And Mike does unspeakable things to…Read more

The Band are Really Scary

Written by

It’s last Saturday. So I’m sitting at my laptop, petting Lewie, maybe I was making tea, getting rid of Toby, something. Usual.

This Week in the Studio: 10.03.13

Written by

Just send off the four mixes from today’s session, so time to tell to summarise the day, which was filled with the ‘Grand Return’ of Lou and Sophie to the…Read more

This Week in the Studio: 10.03.09 Gus and the Falling Bear…

Written by

We have met the future of music.

This Week in the Studio: 10.03.06

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Car crashes, illness and Martyn singing into the wrong side of a mic – bad news comes in 3’s.   Andy nails 1 in a trillion, Martyn sings like … Martyn,…Read more

This Week in the Studio: 10.02.27

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An appalling silence, bitter fights about B’s and V’s,  Lou and Sat Out, a crash course in Abubilla, Assistants galore!, soggy puppies and then there was music – A Tribute…Read more

This Week in the Studio: 10.02.20

Written by

Just two boys and two girls and two dogs and 1 cat and 713 doorbells…but we think we’ve cracked Invading London.

This Week in the Studio: 10.02.13

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Beat Boxing and a Def Leppard one armed drummer.  A typical week…

This Week in the Studio: 10.02.06

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Inuendo’s disrupt Immovable Thing, Jimmy confirms the horror’s of Party Blaster, Rob shines on bass, The Studio gets an acoustic treatment  and Andy finally gets to coil cables.  All around…Read more

This Week in the Studio: 10.01.30

Written by

Slashing seconds, polishing  big knees, jammin’ in London, and fighting with flip — another day in the life of the London Studio at Abubilla Music.

This Week at the Studio: 10.01.23

Written by

This was the closest we’ve come to achieving the full vision of Abubilla Music:  Chaos, Creativity and Community (the 3 C’s!).

This Week in the Studio: 10.01.10

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Posting this on a binary day and discussing a binary studio day — nirvana.   Not really,  that would be quite sad.  So here’s all the weird and wonderful that happened…Read more

This Week in the Studio: 09.12.30

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Believe it or not our band of warriors convened on the eve before the EVE for a full day in the studio.   Fridges were emptied, drummers were floored, and Andy…Read more

This Week in the Studio: 09.12.12

Written by

Decorating the Christmas Tree while invading London and complaining about publicising personality disorders?    And bee cell splits the band!

Report Back from Winter 2009 Spanish Jam

Written by

Tough job but someone had to do it — we’ve returned from our Winter Spanish Jam with a finished 2009 CD, 4 new songs and a bunch of fragments to…Read more