King Henry’s Tears

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The Fourth Album from The Saturday Morning Canasta Club. The album features songs and vocals from our newest Discovery artist Michael Izett, Charlotte Reed & regulars Louise Calf, Andy Patterson and Jimmy Allen. This album also features one vocal from Gus Warriner, making his swansong with Abubilla, as he has now flown the nest and moved to the Music In Colour label.

King Henry's Tears - The Saturday Morning Canasta Club


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One Way Home Lyrics Outtakes Info
I'll Be Frank Lyrics Outtakes Info
Breathe Lyrics Outtakes Info
A Market Town Lyrics Outtakes Info
These Strings Lyrics Outtakes Info
Sarah, Why? Lyrics Outtakes Info
I've Just Seen a Face Lyrics Outtakes Info
Milbank Lyrics Outtakes Info
Footprints Lyrics Outtakes Info
Floating with You Lyrics Outtakes Info
King Henry's Tears Lyrics Outtakes Info
Time Was Kind Again Lyrics Outtakes Info
71 Hours to Monday:Global Remix Lyrics Outtakes Info

This Week in the studio...

11.07.17 This Week in the Studio

Written by

OD’s.  Yep.  Over dubs.  For the last three Saturdays we’ve been doing lots of over-dubs, mixing and liner notes for the next album, so I’ll put all this together into…Read more

11.05.28 This Week in the Studio

Written by

Michael writes and performs Mansuit, Andy composes a silent movie soundtrack, and Rob plays keys…

This Week in the Studio: 11.05.07 (and ridiculously good dog video)

Written by

A wee bit of Opera, the introduction of The Richmonds, Hannah takes her first lead, two studios operating, Cecily takes a rest and the triumphent return of Louise.  A pretty…Read more

This Week in the Studio: 11.04.30

Written by

We started the weekend celebrating a Royal Wedding and continued right thru to Saturday in the Studio, working on another song by Michael, called TV.

This Week in the Studio: 11.04.16

Written by

Ed returns to the Studio after a long absence with Trumpet.   Boys day, so we do a chick song that none of us can sing.  Maybe an instrumnental?

This Week in the Studio: 11.03.19

Written by

A true ‘Discovery Artist’ day as we work on  Michael and Charlotte’s Discovery Albums.  

This Week in the Studio: 11.03.06

Written by

Michael does a better job than Jimmy on the ‘overture’;  Jimmy reaches an incompetence milestone.    Charlie Sheen amuses us over Pizza while Hannah and Andy deliver the goods.

This Week in the Studio: 11.02.26

Written by

We hadn’t gotten together since before the Brazil trip – so great day to catch up, exchange best you tube clips and buckle down into output mode as we prepare…Read more

This Week in the Studio: 01.01.29

Written by

Alright, I was grumpy so really didn’t enjoy the studio that much on Saturday.  But I got to watch Gus cry which was really quite a lot of fun.  

This Week in the Studio: 11.01.22

Written by

A Score:  count ’em. 11 folks visited the studio today and that is AFTER losing Rob due to flu and Charlotte due to Birthday (Happy Birthday Charlotte!).  

This Week in the Studio: 11.01.15

Written by

Michael riffs, Charlotte works hard to get miffed, and Hannah sets a new u-e-u-u, u-e-u-u-u standard.  And Jimmy says urine.

This Week in the Studio: 11.01.08

Written by

First, Happy New Year.  We had our first full day in the studio for 2011, working with the second artist from the Discovery series, Michael.  Oh, and Jimmy lost £20. …Read more

This Week in the Studio: 10.12.30

Written by

We end the year with yet another artist, four new songs and the beginning of something quite good we think.

10.11.27: This Week in the Studio

Written by

The King is Dead.  Long live the King.  Birdie’s in the Bag.  Ducky’s in flight.   Hannah lead.  David new.  Jimmy performance credit.  WHAT????