If I Were a Little Birdie

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Released in December 2010 with more Discover Artists and with the core band of the Saturday Morning Canasta Club really finding its feet. The album features songs from new artist Lew Allen, and vocals from Imogen, Andy, Louise, Jimmy, Charlotte, Lara and Gus. And, of course, have a peek at the video, ‘If I Were a Little Birdie’ which should prove once and for all that we don’t take ourselves too seriously…

If I Were A Little Birdie - The Saturday Morning Canasta Club


With a wry sense of humour, it’s a typically English album with the vocals upfront. They have some strong tales to tell, some of them based on real life events. Founded on great lyrics and a fly-by-wire approach to the actual recording process, this album goes straight for your gut and it will put a smile on your face.

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The music, I hear you ask. Actually, it’s a very respectable set of mid range rock with hints of nostalgia (“No Bells”) and quirkiness (“Starin’ at My Shoes” and “Twirl”). Worthy of comment in these dark days, this is all feel good stuff and it is pretty much guaranteed to put a smile on your space.

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Song Information

No Bells Lyrics Outtakes Info
Angel of the Dark Lyrics Outtakes Info
500 Letters from New York Lyrics Outtakes Info
Depth Perception Lyrics Outtakes Info
Starin' at My Shoes Lyrics Outtakes Info
TWIRL Lyrics Outtakes Info
Whisper Lyrics Outtakes Info
Loved One's Call Lyrics Outtakes Info
Strange Clock Lyrics Outtakes Info
Cold Light of Day Lyrics Outtakes Info
Tuesday in May Lyrics Outtakes Info
Wisconsin Lyrics Outtakes Info
Monkey Space Camp Lyrics Outtakes Info

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