Discover 04: Chris Kozlowski – No One But Yourself

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The debut release from Chris Kozlowski.

Includes the single 18 Years, that we released in April.  The Digital-only release is available now for Download from the Abubilla Music Store.

The album was made over a period of 10 months at Abubilla Music – with most of the recordings happening in the first 4 months – the overdubbing and mixing stages taking a little longer.

Song Information

18 Years Lyrics Outtakes Info
Play With My Mind Lyrics Outtakes Info
Cut My Hair Lyrics Outtakes Info
Don't Say You Might Lyrics Outtakes Info
Walk Away Lyrics Outtakes Info
Siren Song Lyrics Outtakes Info
I Don't Mind Lyrics Outtakes Info

This Week in the studio...

12.07.28 This Week in the Studio

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30 second overview of This Week in the Studio

12.07.14 This Week in the Studio

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After a month of closure, we re-opened the studio to record Chris Kozlowski’s new song Don’t Say You Might.   The Music Don’t Say You Might is definitely country, with…Read more

12.04.14 This Week in the Studio

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A quick review of our three days in the studio wrapping up the next set of albums from our Discovery Artists.

12.03.24 This Week in the Studio

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The Music Focused the morning on Missing, Global Remix, adding some horns in the Chorus’s, but other wise turning it over to Andy for some final editing.   We then moved…Read more

12.03.17: This Week in the Studio

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We welcomed Sophie back into the studio, as we added ‘cello bits’ to a two new Chris songs, Be Like You and Walk Away (which gets ‘live’ video treatment which we’ve included as part of a tribute to the Great Daffodil Appeal for Marie Currie).

12.02.04 This Week in the Studio

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Worked on Missing, the legendary song about a Fogged Up Bus! The next in our fund raising extravaganzas!

12.01.28 This Week in the Studio

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Chris brings in two new songs and we take pictures….

Cut My Hair by Chris Kozlowski – Live in the Studio

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Check out our new Discovery Artist in the studio. Album will be released in Q2, 2012. Watch this space.

12.01.14 This Week in the Studio

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The latest update from the studio – don’t bother with these unless you are a serious fan or band member. All part of our history to make it easier for jounalists when the Grammy’s start!

12.01.07 This Week in the Studio

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Busy day in the studio, dividing time between our new Discovery Artist, Chris Koslowski, and Singing Wells.    Let’s get back into the tradition of talking about the Music and Everything…Read more