Discover 03: Tati Kalveks – Graceless

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The debut release from our artist Tati Kalveks, ‘Graceless’ was recorded in late 2011.

The album was released on the 22nd January 2012 on CD and download via our own download store and iTunes and Amazon.

You can listen to the full album using the SoundCloud player on the left. When you order the CD from our Bandcamp page (click the Bandcamp button below), you get a free download  of the full album to listen to while you wait for your CD!

Produced and recorded by Jimmy Allen and Andy Patterson
Mixed and Mastered by Andy Patterson
Artwork by Hunter Allen and Tati Kalveks.

Graceless - Tati Kalveks

BluesBunny, in their review of the album said:

Tati Kalveks is the kind of artiste that is practically guaranteed to be a hit at the Edinburgh Festival with the politically correct beard strokers having to approve of her on a point of their borrowed principles and that, in all likelihood, would put her one step closer to being the new Victoria Wood.

Here Comes the Flood said:

Tati Kalveks fits in with the vaudeville tradition. She is a stand-up comedian using her music to wrap her serious message in lo-fi catchy songs.

Song Information

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Wodwo Lyrics Outtakes Info
My Ideal Man Lyrics Outtakes Info
Fingertips Lyrics Outtakes Info
Liberation Lyrics Outtakes Info
A Girl Like You Lyrics Outtakes Info
Barbie Lyrics Outtakes Info
Let Me Be Lyrics Outtakes Info
I Love a Ginge Lyrics Outtakes Info
Child of Fury Lyrics Outtakes Info

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