What’s all this Discovery business about then?

Louise Calf performing at an Abubilla Live evening in London

Well, we here at Abubilla Music think that music is the future. And the future is music. We’d like to think that some people agree. Those that do might want to get involved..

What’s it involve?

Well, in theory, you’ll be a singer-songwriter, or artist, who wants to record a few tunes, get some experience of the studio, play some gigs and release some music.

 What do I have to do?

Well, we’d like you to come to our studio and record your songs. We’d also like you to play an active part in getting our music to new ears. You can sing and play on our tracks and we’ll play on yours as the Saturday Morning Canasta Club.

What will Abubilla do?

We’ll give you a place in the nest. You’ll get studio time to record your songs, encouragement and help with the process and when we get 5 or 6 songs ready,we’ll release a ‘Discovery’ EP of the tracks online and produce a limited number of CDs, for you to give out at the gigs we’ll help you get. The Discovery album is just that, its to say to the world ‘This is Me’. It may be a little rough and ready around the edges, but its not meant to be your definitive work. If this goes well, then we’ll help you record a ‘Development’ album.

What’s it cost me, and what do I sign away?

Well. Nothing. Zilch, zero, zip. That’s the thing. Our accountants and lawyers think we’re crazy, but you hold on to all of the publishing rights. We own the

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recordings only. That way anything that we record, that we decide to be good enough, we reserve the right to release. We’ll make sure we hold back anything that isn’t good enough though, as a bad recording can set you and us back years. We won’t make you sign anything, but we would like you to remember us, if you ever make it big, and the contribution that we made to your career.

We split the profits 4 ways. 25% goes to Abubilla, 25% to the music writer, 25% to the lyric writer and 25% to the performers. We’ll also waive the Abubilla 25% on the first 2 recordings. We realise that young artists may need more in the way of money, so we’ll not take costs into account until the album takes £1000 in sales. After that we’ll pay the costs of the album, and then revert to the 4 way split. Simples.

Would I be the first to do it?

Not at all. We’ve had Abubilla ‘Scholars’ since we began. We introduced the Discovery series for those scholars who wanted to do a bit more with their music and wanted to be artists in their own right. Our first Discovery artist proper Gus Warriner, has now flown the nest and moved to another label, whereas our second, Michael Izett is now working with his band.


Well, hopefully you’ll have been dedicated enough to have recorded some of your music already, be it on a mobile phone, or using garageband, or whatever. Send us this. Email mp3s only to andy@abubillamusic.com, or drop them in our Soundcloud dropbox:

Send me
your sounds
Drop us an email with any questions you may have.

Submission is no guarantee of acceptance as an Abubilla Music Discovery artist…