Are you a singer songwriter or performer?

We are looking for new acts to join our small but perfectly formed independent record label.

Obviously you don’t want to sign up with any old Tom, Dick or Harry, and we want to listen to you before we invite you into our studio… so.. we’ve hit upon a bit of a scheme….

Keep scrolling down if you’re looking for the FAQ.


How’s this all going to work?

1 – Send us your music. We’ll take a listen, if we like what you do, we’ll have a chat.

If we still like each other then you can join the bill to play at our gig.

2 – Play a set at our gig – you bring some fans, and we’ll give you the opportunity to perform at a London venue.

If we still like what each other is doing musically, then we’ll invite you to……

3 – Film and record a track live at our London studio.

We’ll put this up onto YouTube and see how it flies with the rest of the world. If all goes well here then we move forward to……

4 – Record and release an EP with us. We’ll release it digitally and produce a small run of CDs. We’ll market it through blogs, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter etc. If you don’t already do all of that – we can help. We’ll do our best to make the EP a success and help you to find a career in the industry. We’ll dedicate a budget to your album and involve you in the planning to make it work.

Interested? There’s a few ways you can get in touch:


1. Like us on Facebook and post a video or a link to your track on our wall.

2.Tweet us your music via: @AbubillaMusic

3. Tell your friends and fans to do the same!

Useful Info

The closing date for our first gig is Sunday the 14th of April. If all goes well, we’ll do it again soon. The gig will be in May.

For more information, please email Milly or Andy on

We’ll reply to everyone that sends something, but not everyone will make it through 1 – 4.



Discovery Artist FAQ


I haven’t haven’t recorded anything before, what should I send you?

Send us anything digital – record a clip on your mobile phone even. We’re keen to hear what you are about musically, so recording quality shouldn’t be an issue at this stage – as long as we can hear you.


Will you help me to become a star?

It’s a fickle industry, and we can’t predict stardom. But we can give you a great start with an EP you’re proud of, and the tools and help to give your music every chance of further success!


Are you going to pay me a big advance ahead of recording?

In a word, no. The days of big advances are gone. You’d only have to pay it back in sales. Don’t be dazzled by all of these stories of ‘£1million record deals’.


How is this going to work then?

We will spend a certain amount on developing your music and marketing it.

We won’t dazzle you with the figures right now, but all of the dosh will go towards the music and not towards things like haircuts for your band or new jeans for your cat.


But I thought you said there were no advances?

Technically no, there are no advances. But we will pay for the recording and marketing of your music. Don’t worry! We’ll sit down and go through all the figures with you when the time comes to make sure we’re all on the same page.


So you get the rights to my songs then?

No, you retain the rights to your own publishing. We own the recordings only.


What’s publishing?

Each and every recording has two parts to it. The actual recording – the master tapes, CD, hard drive or whatever, and the Musical content that is recorded on it.

Publishing is the music and lyrics part of your song. You retain the ownership of that. We’ll help you register with the PRS and PPL so you can collect any royalties due.


Where does the money from all the sales go?

We’ll split it up fairly between the composer of the music, the writer of the lyrics, the performers on the album and the label. Your percentage will get bigger as you sell more and we make back the initial investment.


Can I be recording with someone else at the same time as you?

If you make it to stage 3, we’d of course want you to be only recording with us. Up until then, you’d be putting all of your eggs in one basket, so up to the beginning of stage 3, fill yer boots. But once we begin recording you’d have to be exclusively recording with us. Note: any outstanding deals with any other labels must be disclosed – we don’t want to stand on anyone else’s toes, or record something we aren’t able to actually release….


How do you say your name?

However you choose… we go for A – Boo – Bill – A Music.