The Drama Queen

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Given that my Abubilla life is about learning to work with ‘artists’ (vs. business folks) and is somewhat a battle of left vs. right brains, I found this particularly funny!…Read more

Why music is so important…

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This is considered the most amazing ending of College football game (American football) — please note the importance of the band…

Before he was guv’ner…

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Yikes.  Off to the gym…

Mah Knees — next club hit (or not)…

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Big news to report from the ‘front lines of cool’ (as Hunter likes to refer to his social life).

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My Magical Gym Bag

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Okay, my mind has to wander when I’m in the gym; so here’s where it went. I actually have a magical gym bag with all sorts of wonderful objects.  Here’s…Read more

My matching magic pair of Altura Saddle Bags - they seek out and smack three people for every gym trip

Why children still need a bit of adult supervision…

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My kids believe that when we go away now on trips, they can be left alone without adult supervision. This is my 8 second argument.

In reponse to Jimmy’s bad parenting video…

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…I thought I should share these examples of why, even if they aren’t great, parents are still absolutely required by the majority of the world’s young…

Jam Jar Competition: Jimmy’s Dead Fly Submissions

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To be honest, it was a bit cloudy in Spain today.  So inspired by dead fly art and the Viagra submission, we have now moved on to our formal submissions…Read more

Tip of the Day: Don’t Give Viagra to Flies

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Okay, again not very proud of this, but here’s our little advertisement for Viagra and flies.

Tip of the Day: Keep track of your fly!

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Now, this isn’t really an Easter topic, but it is important. It’s some advice about Dead Fly Art.

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