The Colour Test

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A fun little left-brained right brained thing forwarded to me this morning…

North Korea vs. South Korea

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Sometimes a picture tells it all…

How to be a Leader — critical video for all of you…

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Boy, you don’t get more instructional than this….

Data as Data should be… Hans Rosling…

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This will take 20 minutes of your life.  It is worth it for two reasons. 

Data as Data should be... Hans Rosling...

Bleeding Love vs. the Apollo Moon Mission

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Another little gift to the left brain troops out there.  We already have a little fan club at a certain Private Equity firm that loved the Minard’s Invasion of Moscow blog. …Read more

Right and Left Brains and The French Invasion of Moscow

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wow.  What a blog title.  Wonder what that is all about! 

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