Mr Mojo Risin’

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Well I didn’t know this until today.  In LA Woman, Jim Morrison used an anagram of himself!

The Colour Test

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A fun little left-brained right brained thing forwarded to me this morning…


Lego and Radiohead together… It is a good day…

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So Radiohead are good.  Lego is awesome.  Together?  Priceless

Jason the Pistol

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A wonderful little story to bring a smile to your face…

The Myers-Briggs Test for Music, Part 1

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Can we take the famous Myers Briggs test for management and apply it to music?  I say yes, but am only 50% there.  Help welcome.

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A Riddle

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Those who make it, tell it not. Those who take it, know it not. Those who know it, want it not. What is it? (thanks to the pub quiz at…Read more

Top 10 Games, Distractions, Songwriting….

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We promised you music and we promised you games.  We make music.  We steal games – well, we don’t steal, we borrow from recommendations made by VSL and a few…Read more

Games and Procrastination copy

First Report Back of June 24-30, 2010 Spanish Jam

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This will be the first of several blogs on the Spanish Jam – giving you a quick update on THE MUSIC and EVERYTHING ELSE. 

Make your own music website: iNudge

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Check out this website for making your own music!  You’ll have a composition in 3 minutes:

World Cup Woes?

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So, the World Cup is in full swing now. A few interesting happenings to have caught my eye so far: Firstly, everyone will have seen footage of Robert Green’s spill…Read more

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