Tati vs The Internet: Songwriting Tips, Shot Down

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I am skeptical of songwriting tips found on the internet for the following really good reasons:   Songwriting is a flexible art. Obviously. How-To guides on the internet tend to…Read more


Pro Tools 9 -the Install

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So, I took the plunge, paid my £209 and upgraded to ProTools 9.

Recording: How to Build A Home Recording Studio 1.0

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Okay, so this is a blog about creating a home studio for audio recording and it will involve 7 steps.  It will be told from a Home Studio for dummies…Read more

How To Guides: Timebases in ProTools

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So, there are two different time bases in Pro Tools. You’ve heard people say it, but what does it actually mean? When you create a track in PT, it basically…Read more

Studio Tip No. 427. The power cord

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In this section of blog we outline some major tips for building a home studio.   In this section we talk about the critical importance of the power cord.

Boys and How to Buy Guitars

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Massive debate amongst the boys about guitar for Spain studio — lots of cat fighting, screaming, pulled hair.  Ultimately, we didn’t get anything at risk of massive fall out, but…Read more

Ed Stone’s Brain Dump – Chords

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So Jimmy was asking around for a music tutor (he’s still looking if anyone can suggest someone) and Ed decided to take the task on himself – a kind of distance-learning…Read more

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