The Otacho All-Stars

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We’ll be bringing you the best of Singing Wells from time to time. Here’s one of the most fun groups we’ve recorded…

Africa – moments I got most jealous about

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A team from Singing Wells went to Africa for 16 days – as we have mentioned, to understand what it was about and read what they did – go…Read more

Magic Moments: Singing Wells Drums

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Have you wondered why it’s all gone a bit quiet at this website? The Answer Africa. Here’s a tease. Expect a lot more.

AMF News Update 2011

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The next phase of the Singing Wells project gets underway in November with a two week field recording programme which will take us to Southern Uganda and Western Kenya in…Read more

Midomo Water Purifers

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We are always interested to hear about initiatives and programmes which are supporting people in developing countries and in particular in East Africa where the Singing Wells project is operating. Here is one we absolutely love. It’s the Midomo – a simple and effective 3-in-1 water carrier, purifier and storage unit.

71 Hours to Monday, Global Remix

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We are extremely proud to introduce you to 71 Hours to Monday, Global Remix.  We think you will love it as much as we do.

Scott Mathews is following us….

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The other day, Jimmy got an email out of the blue from US music producer Scott Mathews.  This is very exciting as it proves that people are spreading the news…Read more

Que é muito legal (that’s pretty cool)

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So Jimmy went to Brazil on business for a mere four days and, despite what sounded like a hectic schedule, came back with a serious new drum kit, an inspirational…Read more

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