Singing Wells embark on their next field visit: Northern Uganda 12/12

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On the 29th of November the Singing Wells team will head to Entebbe, Uganda to begin our 5th project out in East Africa. Two members of our team, Patrick Ondiek…Read more

Abubilla Music in Africa

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Abubilla Music has wrapped up the Singing Wells Phase IV Trip to Africa. Read on for some of the highlights.

AMF News Update 2011

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The next phase of the Singing Wells project gets underway in November with a two week field recording programme which will take us to Southern Uganda and Western Kenya in…Read more

11.04.02 Singing Wells 7, Recording at Ketebul Music

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We are reporting back formally on the Singing Wells Project over at Singing Wells Website (click here).   Here we are reporting more ‘behind the scenes’ – this blog covers…Read more

11.03.30-31 Singing Wells 5 Melindi to Diani

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We are reporting in detail on the Singing Wells Project at the Singing Wells website.  Here, we report on the behind the scenes ‘reality’ of what is happening.   This…Read more

11.03.28-29 Singing Wells 4 Nairobi to Malindi

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We left the paradise of the Fairview Hotel on Monday morning for a very, very long drive to Malindi.   We then spent Tuesday recording 2 groups in a beautiful…Read more

11.03.28 Singing Wells 3

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It is 7AM on Monday morning and we are driving to Mombasa.   Last night, Tabu hosted a wonderful ‘community meeting’ at Sippers bar.   To find out more on this…Read more

11.03.26 Singing Wells Project 2

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Arrived in Nairobi safe and sound.  Greeted by Tabu and Madd (more on this tomorrow).  Driven to Fairview hotel.   Arrived at midnight.  Andy and Jimmy sat up with friends.

11.03.25 Singing Wells 1. Departure

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Andy and Jimmy leave tomorrow for Kenya.  We’re bringing down the mobile recording studios and supporting Ketebul in the Songs of Political Protest project for East Africa.   Oh, and…Read more

10 Things I have learnt from my trip to Nairobi

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Here’s my list

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