The role of the village

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In East African culture, music tends to create unity and reinforce cohesion within societies. Music and dance are prevalent in all aspects of life for many tightly-knit villages. In Swahili, which…Read more

Singing Wells embark on their next field visit: Northern Uganda 12/12

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On the 29th of November the Singing Wells team will head to Entebbe, Uganda to begin our 5th project out in East Africa. Two members of our team, Patrick Ondiek…Read more

Working with the music of our African friends… in Spain – part 1

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Andy takes Jovah’s Inyange and develops the musical accompaniment.

Need A Casual Summer Job?

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Do you not have a summer job? Wow, that big old gap on your cv is going to look really bad in the future. REALLY bad. As it happens, we’re…Read more

Africa Oyé Video – starring Rosie and Tati

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Rosie and Tati – Stars of Video

Tickle Your Earholes With Africa Oye

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Having recounted the many adventures Rosie and I had at Africa Oye, I am now going to tell you about the things we heard. We heard The Endless Journey. The…Read more

What We Did At Africa Oye

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This weekend, Rosie and I were sent up to Liverpool to spread the Abubilla word around at the Africa Oye festival. Originally intended to be a party of thousands of…Read more

Abubilla Goes On Holiday: Africa Oyé Festival

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This weekend a small band of Abubillans are heading up the long and winding road to Liverpool (see what I did there?) for the 20th anniversary of one of the…Read more

Samba Mapangala on Tour in the UK

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East African Friend of Abubilla Music on Tour in the UK.

Winyo Shortlisted for Rolex Mentor initiative

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We are pleased to pass on the news that our friend Winyo, from Ketebul Music has been shortlisted for the Rolex Mentor Protege arts initiative. If selected, Winyo will benefit…Read more

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