Do You Wanna Play?

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So early this year, Olivia let you all know about a new and talented artist, Hannah Dorman. She’s a country-rock young singer who also writes her own songs. She’s launching…Read more

Weray Ent; Up-and-coming group

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So Weray Ent are a new, fresh afrobeats group. As you may or may not know, afrobeats is a new genre of music which is influenced by traditional African music,…Read more

The role of the village

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In East African culture, music tends to create unity and reinforce cohesion within societies.¬†Music and dance are prevalent in all aspects of life for many tightly-knit villages. In Swahili, which…Read more

Radio 1 Live Lounge’s Best Cover Ever?

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Arctic Monkeys cover Drake’s ‘Going Home’ at the Live Lounge Sept 2013


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A little background information on the genre of bard, also known as ‘author song’… We hope Pavel would approve!

‘…Futur’ of Canadian bands…

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From Montreal, this Candian band is something cool to listen to and one to watch…

From ‘Down South’

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A brief musical history of the biggest Australian artist right now… Provactive, brave and different, she’s well worth a listen

Macedonia Band

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Make sure you keep checking our Singing Wells Youtube channel (or even better, subscribe! so you never miss a video or update!) because every week more and more videos are…Read more

A Thank You Note from The Bridge….

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More than you’ll ever want to know about the building of the new studio….


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Many more videos have been added to the Singing Wells field report blogs and uploaded to their youtube page¬†– check them both out to hear some more tribal music from…Read more

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