Do You Wanna Play?

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So early this year, Olivia let you all know about a new and talented artist, Hannah Dorman. She’s a country-rock young singer who also writes her own songs. She’s launching…Read more

Lorelai in the Studio – Let’s Stay Together

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We were pleased to welcome Lorelai into the studio to record a few covers..

lets stick together

2013 The Strange Year in Review

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We take a quick review of 2013 – a year of wonderful music, none of which you’ve heard yet… Be patient…

13.12.14 This Week in The Studio

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Another week working on Starin’ at my Shoes, with Sammy singing lead vocals

13.12.07 This Week In The Studio

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Who knew changing the batteries in a smoke alarm could be so damn hard….

13.11.16 This Week in the Studio

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Two sleeping men today in the studio…

13.10.19 This Week in the Studio

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A lot of mould this week in the studio?!

13.10.12 This Week In The Studio

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Toby has his second visit to the studio and danced along to our new song, Reason to Be

13.09.07 This Week in the Studio

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A hello to Hannah and goodbye to Sophie!

2013 Summer Spanish Jam: Report Back

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A quick report back from the Summer Jam. Wish you were here…

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